Fiberglass Water Slide Maintenance And Inspection

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A fiberglass water slide can be very durable.

But over time, it will develop fractures or stress cracks due to wear and tear. If the damage is small such as fractures in the fiberglass, fillers can be used to repair them. Fiberglass filler is a putty-like substance which requires a catalyst in order for it to harden. But for larger damages which simple filling can’t repair, Solid Water Slide Repair provides you with the best solution.

Solid Water Slide Repair offers fiberglass water slide repair and maintenance services including coring, fabrication of parts and delamination for major damages, along with minor fiberglass repair for stress cracks and blister repair. Regular inspections are very important if you want to maintain your water slide and to ensure it is safe to use. Before opening your water park, you should perform inspection of your water slides. If you don’t have the time to do the inspection yourself, Solid Water Slide Repair can assist you with it.

The inspection we do of your fiberglass water slide includes checking for chips, cracks or bubbles in the sliding surface, leaking seals or joints, obstructions in slide path, excessive flume movement, water quality and static water level in the pool or area to name a few. If any problems are discovered during inspection, we can address them immediately.

Some fiberglass water slide structures require little maintenance.

But it is highly recommended to have routine inspections and regular maintenance to extend the lifetime usability of your water slides. The fiberglass flume sections are like new cars in terms of exposure to weather and other elements. They need not be caulked or repainted, but they usually require waxing, washing and routine repair to protect and retain the original luster.

To ensure that the fiberglass flume sections look like new, we suggest washing it once a month, or more frequently whenever needed. Use a simple solution of water and dishwashing soap. We don’t advise the use of strong alkaline cleaners. The flume sections can be waxed once or twice with paste wax designed for gel coat surfaces.

If you want to make sure that your investment is protected against long-term damage which may be a cause of accidents, call Solid Water Slide Repair today. Routine inspections and checkups can save your water slides from long term damage.

Whether you own a water park or you have a pool with fiberglass water slide feature, it is important to make sure they are serviced and inspected regularly so any costly repairs can be avoided.

Most importantly, it will ensure that the fiberglass water slide is safe to use by everyone, and that accidents can be prevented.

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